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in implant dentistry

Milano, 4 april 2008

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Nobel Biocare
World Tour 2008
Riccione 6 - 8 November

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The CRIO aims to be a reference for research in oral implantology, the synthesis of the different academic and industrial requirements and accelerator of the best responses. This is why the training of its doctors and dentists is of primary importance as is the diffusion of the knowledge produced by the Centre.

The centre's work group carries out continuous training, producing studies and documentation of recognized value in the field of international medical and scientific literature. At the same time, the work group follows programmes, courses and conferences of constant clinical updating, to exchange knowledge, learn of other methods in use all over the world and compare the results obtained and that can be obtained with the different procedures.


Corso di Alta Formazione gennaio - settembre 2013
Corso All-on-4 13/14 novembre 2009 (pdf 215 KB)
Il carico immediato in implantologia orale 4 aprile 2008 (pdf 1,3 MB)

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