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Laboratory of Biological Structure Mechanics (LaBS)
Department of Structural Engineering,
Politecnico di Milano


The Centre was established in order to develop scientific research capable of combining rigorous methods, academic autonomy and financing capacity from the world of industry in the best way possible. The most expert teaching staff of the University of Milan in implant-prosthetic rehabilitation and a leading company in the field of implantology are involved in the Centre with the precise aim of achieving simplified implant-prosthetic procedures, reducing biological costs, such as the invasiveness of the operation and post-operation morbidity and economic costs.

The clinical objective: overcoming edentulism

All the Centre's work is aimed at giving access to rehabilitation treatment of edentulism, i.e. the total or partial absence of teeth, to an increasingly larger number of people. The path chosen is that of working in innovative techniques such as osteo-integrated implantology and immediate loading, which can reduce the time necessary for the positioning of the prosthesis and reduce it to a maximum of 48 hours from the insertion of the implant.

The converging efforts of university and business

The research which is carried out in the centre is not pure scientific speculation but the study and implementation of procedures, protocols and clinical operability which can bring concrete improvements to implant-prosthetic techniques. The presence of a leading company in the research and production of instruments and devices for implantology allows having immediate confirmation from the world of industry for the projects developed, in order to translate the results of research into practical applications.

The contribution of biomechanics

Biomechanics studies the cells, tissues and organs according to the laws of mechanics, physiology and biology. In the field of implants and prostheses, its objective is to determine the state of strain that is exercised in the implant and in the bone, the consequent states of deformation, the estimate of the loads at the level of the bone-implant interface. any damage to the fixtures or fractures in the bone tissue until the functional adaptation of the tissue. Thanks to collaboration with the Department of Structural Engineering of the Politecnico of Milan, a mathematical model has been constructed which the Centre uses for scientific research and production. It is a system which thanks to numerical values and mathematical equations represents a simplification of the clinical situation.