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Immediate rehabilitation
of the edentulous maxilla
with All-on-Four and
guided surgery

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Post-extractive All-on-Four
in mandible and maxilla
in the same day

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Sigle implant with
guide tissue regeneration
zirconia crown

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abutments and crowns
on implants

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Full mouth restoration
with All-on-Four in the maxilla
and implant
in the lower jaw

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Innovative techniques such as osteo-integrated implantology and immediate loading are successfully applied as routine protocols at the Centre for Research in Oral Implantology, to the complete satisfaction of clinical staff and patients. Osteo-integrated implantology introduces implants into the osseous part of the mouth, a sort of artificial roots made from titanium and other fully biocompatible materials, which merge with the natural bone. The prostheses are then positioned on these implants: with the traditional techniques, several sessions over a number of weeks were necessary, whilst with the immediate loading method, the prostheses can be positioned in 48 hours, but often within 8-12 hours from the introduction of the implant. In these treatments, the cutting edge technology offered plays a role of prime importance.

Osteo-integrated implantology

The operations of osteo-integrated surgery are organized, planned and developed with the help of computer technology. After a CAT of the jawbone, a virtual surgical mask is produced from which a physical structure will be obtained, reproducing it extremely accurately. In this way, the physical mask will be able to accurately guide the positioning of the implants. The operation is wholly assisted and guided, with the result of great safety, extreme speed and minimum invasiveness: often the gum is not even cut but only perforated in correspondence with the position of the implant. In this way, post-operative morbidity is almost absent. The implant is made from titanium and other biocompatible materials, there are no problems of rejection because the human body does not perceive it as an element that is foreign to the organism. It is precisely due to this that the process of osseous integration begins, i.e. the implant merges and becomes one with the pre-existing bone. The prosthesis is grafted on to this perfectly integrated artificial root.

Immediate loading

Close collaboration with the technical laboratories allow producing personalized prostheses that are increasingly accurate in connection with the implants, as the guiding structure allows understanding where they will be positioned with a great degree of accuracy. The greater efficacy and minimum invasiveness of the operation for the insertion of the implant, the accuracy of the prosthesis and the improvement in procedures and materials allows inserting provisional prostheses immediately, which was not the case until recently. Previously, once the implant was inserted, several sessions over a number of weeks or months were necessary before the prostheses could be positioned. Today, when the implant has been completed, the provisional prostheses can be applied in only six or eight hours, at times even during the same session. After a few weeks, the provisional prostheses are removed to insert the fixed ones. The result of excellence, however, is that the patient is practically never without teeth.